Are you listening?

Time is passing even more quickly than you imagine.  I have still much to do, as so many of My people are not yet ready.  It is important to be alert and ready for the moment.  Do not slumber or sleep.  My voice may call at any time, and as My child you must be prepared.

My children will hear My voice, but vigilance is essential.  The hour and time is not yet here, but fast approaching.  Soak yourself in My Word.  As you read it a new awakening will come in your spirit.  I know your heart.  I surely know those who are Mine.  I have chosen you and you have responded to your calling.

I know that it has not been easy.  I know the difficulties that you face, but now is the time to face these problems together.  You have seen Me move mountains before, watch and let Me move them again.  This time it will be as you respond to My Word to you.

Do not be afraid, or doubting.  I will not take you where you cannot go, and I will not lead you where you need not go.  There is no time to waste, we must start the last phase of the journey TODAY.  Listen carefully to My Voice in the next few days,.  You may only hear one word – but that single word will be of the utmost importance.  As you listen and obey you will see Me begin to move in ways  that you cannot imagine or speculate.

As before I ask only your praise.  I know that this is a struggle, and I have seen you address it.  It is  only as you have addressed it that I have been able to begin to move.  Allow Me to fill you afresh with My Spirit.  As you are quiet before Me you will begin to feel refilled, and ready to begin a new walk.  Continue to rest in Me.  I am your Provider and I love you.