In dead of night, with open heart, I wait in silence to hear the voice of Him I love

‘Speak softly to my heart. My ears are open to hear Your words. My heart and spirit long to be in Your presence.’

‘My heart is heavy. My remnant is almost lost. Soon none save a few will be on their side. Their blood will flow and none others will defend.’

‘My Lord and Saviour what can I do?’

‘Stand firm, My Child. Remain on watch. The day approaches when all will be revealed. Stay constant and vigilant. Write My words and listen. Listen well, for I have more to say.’


Just what we need for the start of a new year. Thankyou Joy

Even A Girl Like Me

Who doesn’t want to be blessed?

I’m not one to write out a list of resolutions, but I do like to claim one word of focus for the year ahead and also read something encouraging and motivating in the first 31 days.

The following from Max Lucado is one of my favorite readings and I want to share it with you. Feel free to download the pdf at the bottom of the page or come back and visit me each day for the reading.

I sure do appreciate your loyalty as a reader.
Happy New Year, Everyone!

“The Brazilians taught me the beauty of a blessing. Here is a scene repeated in Brazil thousands of times daily.

It’s early morning. Time for young Marcos to leave for school. As he gathers his books and heads for the door, he pauses by his father’s chair. He searches his father’s face. Bencao…

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