John 1: 9-13

Today’s meditation

There it was;  the true Light [was then] coming into the world  – the genuine, perfect, steadfast Light – that illumines every person

He came into the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognise Him – did not know Him

He came to that which belonged to Him – to His own [domain, creation, things, world] – and they who were His own did not receive Him and did not welcome Him.

But to as many as did receive and welcome Him, He gave the authority [power, privilege, right] to become the children of God, that is, to those who believe in – adhere to, trust in and rely on – His name;

Who owe their birth neither to bloods, nor to the will of the flesh [that of physical impulse], nor to the will of man [that of a natural father], but to God. – They are born of God!

(Amplified Bible)

There is always a ‘but’.  The rewards of this one are to become the children of God

v 13  They are born of God!