Down through the ages I have spoken and so it has been. My voice has sounded and I have been obeyed, but not so with this generation. My Voice has spoken and warnings have been given but all has been disregarded. Even those who claim to live by My Name have ignored the sound of My Voice and regarded the warnings as mere acts of nature or accidents.

I have called for Repentance. I have called for a turning away from sin. I have called for My People to rededicate themselves and prepare themselves for that which is about to come. The warnings were given long ago and were feared, this generation is complacent and observes nothing.

With one last sound My Voice will ring out. Do you think that I will forget? Do you think that all My Words are meaningless? Do you think that I will allow sin and corruption to grow? I tell you, I see these things and I am displeased. My People are as guilty as the world. My anger cannot be assuaged except by Repentance.

Do not get left behind. Do not allow yourselves to wait for others to lead. Each must act according to his own heart. Do you not know that I am a loving God? I have shown you the Way, even from afar. My Word is Truth.

Return to Me now while there is still time. I wait with open arms. That which was foretold is about to take place.