Prayer, not just for Sunday

The posts from ‘Get Up With God‘ are always pertinent.  This is the prayer for today.  I thought it was worth sharing.  Have a really blessed day.


Help us to remember that we are strangers and aliens in this world and to stay away
from the sinful desires that war against our souls.

Help us to reach out to you, to trust you and to never doubt.

Help us to have bigger faith.

Help us always to be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks about our faith and to do it gently and respectfully.

Help us to remember that our time here is incredibly short.

Help us to be alert, clear-minded and self-controlled and to pray, pray, pray, pray, pray
and then pray some more.

Above all, help us to love others deeply.

Help us to live holy, humble lives overflowing with joy, peace, kindness, compassion
and forgiveness.

May we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To him be the glory both now and forever!



I have called you

My Glory will indeed spread across the earth. My Glory will shine forth and those who do not bow down before Me will be destroyed. I have promised to judge and I surely will.

I have nurtured and fed you. I have called you from afar. Your ways were not always Mine, but you have learnt, and learnt well. I delight in your presence as you delight in Mine.

The place that I have prepared for you is already waiting and ready for habitation, but the time is not yet nigh. There are still more steps along the road. The time has come to put away childish things and walk with Me in maturity. No longer shall you drink milk, but will eat of meat and speak forth words of wisdom and truth.

The fields are truly white as to harvest. The grapes are even now ripe upon the vine and the grafting is complete. My footsteps have gone before. I only send you along roads that are well trodden. Hearts and ears are open and prepared to receive. My anointing is upon you. I have promised and so it shall be.

Offer to Me your sacrifice of praise and remember that I am with you always.


Your praise is on my lips and in my heart. My cup runs over with Your goodness and blessing. You have made straight the way and my enemies are scattered. You alone are God and all shall bow before You.

 Your faithfulness and constancy are great. Your light shines in the darkness and none dare gaze on You. You alone are worthy of our praise. Speak to me and I will listen for Your words are food to my spirit.



You have entered into a time of blessing. You have been faithful and remembered My words. That for which you seek will surely come, and even as the hours pass, so, with certainty, shall My words be revealed. Your hands will be raised anew in praise, and so too the hands of those you love. I have promised that none shall be lost, and so shall it be.

You have never expected the path to be easy, and you have accepted setbacks with praise and understanding. You will now begin to soar like an eagle and I will release you into your true calling.

Those around you are also destined to walk along the path of obedience, and as you have obeyed and been faithful, so has their spirits been fed and nurtured. I have given you glimpses of how it will be and you will not be disappointed. I am true to My word and cannot lie.

Draw near and listen. I will speak again soon and show you great and wondrous things. You are aware that time is running out, but all things must be accomplished first. Remain faithful. You are in My blessing and none shall stand in your way. Remember that I love you and you are precious to Me. Your past tears have indeed been kept in a bottle, you may shed more, but these will be tears of joy.

Your time of suffering is at an end. Wait. Stand fast and see My glory.

I will build….

“I will build me a high place. I will build a monument to my riches, I will build a community for the world. I will touch heaven and be my own god.”

Thus says the fool. Thus say those who would rely upon their own efforts and strengths. Thus say those who will be condemned by their own complacency. Thus say those who ignore My presence and would elevate themselves to My place. Their high places will fall, and their monuments will tumble. Their communities will be devastated and they will lose faith in themselves.

I will build Me a people who will honour My Name. I will build Me a people who will selflessly seek to do My Will. I will build Me a people who will glorify, not in themselves, but in the Name of My Son. I will build Me a people in whom I am well pleased. I have ordained the events that will surely came to pass. I have shared these with you and opened your eyes to understand them.

Trust not in riches or status, trust only in the Truth and know that that Truth will set you free. There is nothing to be gained by trying to hold on to earthly things, you cannot even hold on to life, for all your days are numbered. Do not be fearful.  I have ordained all things. I have promised that the given time will be short.

Now is the time to make a stand for Me. Now is the time to truly repent. Now is the time for which you were born. Reconsecrate yourselves, for I am coming soon.

I have chosen whom I have chosen. I have chosen My instruments. I have drawn back the curtain on the Finale. The bell is tolling and the end is truly nigh. You entered the world with nothing and you will leave in the same way, but you enter into a life of eternal riches and untold peace.