Hold My Hand

Take My hand and let Me lead you into the unknown.  You know that I love you so you have nothing to fear.  My plan for you holds nothing but blessing and as always My footsteps show the way.

Do not look to the right or the left.  Keep your eyes on the goal ahead.  Stay steadfast in Me, there is still much to learn and you know well that there is little time left.  Each day accelerates towards the next, I have said that time will be fore-shortened and so it is.  It is no longer imperceptible but accelerating as the end approaches.

Watch for a big sign that the end is close.  There will be much fear and dread, but be assured of My love, not only for you, but also for mankind.  I cannot desert that which I have created, even thought My creation does not acknowledge Me.

Hold My hand, I will not let go.  There is more that lies ahead than you can imagine, so do not speculate, rather – live each day for today alone.

I am coming soon.