Don’t just lie there

Why do you sleep? It is time to listen for My voice. Rise from your beds. Take pen and paper and listen.

It is time to speak to My children.  It is time for them to hear My voice and to know that I long for a personal relationship with them.  I am not just for Sundays, I am not just for church.  Each day is another step in our relationship.

I have said that I go to prepare a room.  I would not do this if you were not precious to Me.  I knew you before you were formed in the womb, there is nothing that is hidden from Me.  Allow Me to reveal more of Me to you.

Do not lie awake and feign sleep.  Arise and listen. At first you may only hear a few words, but they will be the first of many.

Listen for My voice.  Those that hear will be truly blessed for they will learn the secrets of My Heart.