Keep Listening

All things must end, and I am at the centre. I have ordained from afar their dates and times and some are fast approaching.

Listen well for My voice. My whisper will become louder but My voice will only be heard by a few. Many are lost and already on their way to destruction, but could be saved if they would only listen. The words of My Son have been ignored and few shall attain righteousness.

Write the words on the tablet that all may see. Write the words that I tell you. Write the words boldly, and do not be ashamed or afraid. Your crown is already safe and decorated with jewels.

Hold fast to all that I have told you. Hold fast to all that you already have. I will add to it abundantly as you walk My way and declare My heart. Listen carefully to My voice. You already hear the whispers. Listen well. You are my delight and I love you.


Hang in there!

I have promised that which I have promised. My Word has gone forth and is already bringing about that which I desire. I have seen from afar and purposed that which will bring about the events of which I have spoken. My time is perfect. My timing is also perfect, and so too are My ways. Wait in anticipation and with patience. Do not give up.

Remember that the joy of the Lord is your strength. Remember that My Word is a lamp to your feet. Remember that I have pierced your heart and made you Mine.

I am doing a new thing. Already you have a glimpse of what I have in mind. I will give you the means and I will give you the inclination. Hold fast to what I have already given you, the purpose will become clearer and clearer.

Do not be fearful of that which I ask. I will speak to many hearts and bring about My salvation. None will be lost that I have chosen.

Keep these words within your heart. Allow Me to water them. Together we will create things of beauty. Continue in the ways in which I have spoken. Hold fast to what I have given you. Hold fast to My Word. Hold fast to me.

Where goes the wind?

I truly am the God above all gods. I truly have been since the beginning of time. I truly know the end of all things, and have prepared My people for such a time as Now.

The wind blows where it will. It bends the reeds and scatters the seeds. It ruffles the feathers of the birds, and ripples the surface of the water. So it is with My Spirit.