Don’t miss your calling

I must have a holy nation

I have called My children out from darkness and into the light.  My Life is in them, My thoughts and My Heart.  It grieves Me to see them misuse the gifts that I have given them, and take for granted that My love will cover all things.

I am a forgiving God.  My love is deeper than you can fathom.  I have made many promises and I will adhere to them all, for that is My nature.  I cannot lie, I cannot deceive.  I alone am Truth.  I alone am Light.  I demand righteousness.

Seek My heart anew.  Do not touch or taste that which is not healthy.  Hunger only after the food of righteousness.  I have told you to seek first the Kingdom, if you have not done so, how can you expect to know what can be added to you?

I am waiting for My Royal Priesthood to respond to Me.  I wait with open arms and the gift of eternal life.


Walk in My footsteps

I abhor compromise.  My Word is clear.  I will have none other God before Me.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all other things shall be added on.  Do not seek after false gods or their symbols.  Be aware that there are many pitfalls, but that you can be guided by My Spirit.

I have set before you the path that leads to righteousness.  The Way is clear, though narrow.  It is straight though long.  My footsteps mark the way, and I would have you place your feet in them.  I have promised never to leave or forsake you and this is surely so.

Seek well My Kingdom.  Remember well My Words.  The time will soon come when you must stand for what is right.  Now is the time to prepare for that .  Be aware of every thought and action.  You will be called to account, for judgement will truly begin with the household of God.

Do not compromise.  Seek only after Truth.  Think carefully, in the days that lie ahead, of all the implications of your thoughts and actions.  Be aware that I love you and that I am coming soon.

Don’t waste time…

I have set aside a time for all things.  Each minute is precious and not to be wasted.  The time will surely come when all will regret that time is no more.

I have instilled into you patience, and you have been a good student.  You have waited for My Word and you have listened faithfully.  You have watched events unfold and you have not judged them, even though others have pointed the finger.  I am pleased with you.

Let all things now fall into place.  Do not try to hurry events.  Those things, which I have  promised, will surely come to be.  I do not lie.  I am Truth and Life.  Rest only in Me and continue to praise Me.

Do not be fearful.  Do not be tempted to doubt My words to you.  You are precious to Me and I will not let you down.  I can only bring about My promises as you are faithful to My commands.  Praise is of the essence, walls and barriers will come tumbling down as you lift your voice to Me in praise.  All the world will see that I am faithful to My word, and will wonder at that which I do.  I have not promised that this time will be easy.  Do not expect all to run smoothly.  You will meet opposition from unexpected quarters but this is not a sign that you have misheard.  It is rather a sign that I am working out My purposes and that soon all things will be complete.

Listen well.  I delight to hear you praise Me.  Continue to lift up My name in order that I may be glorified.  All the world will see.  All the world will hear.  I alone am worthy.  I alone ask for this sacrifice only.  Eat of My Word.  Breathe of My Life.  I love you and I am coming soon.

Where are the shepherds?

Many of My children are lost without shepherds.  They have been directed to the scribes and Pharisees.  In vain they search for the truth that they know within their hearts.

I mourn for these, my dear ones.  They have been faithful to Me and they still hold Me in their hearts, acknowledging Me to be their Lord and Saviour.  It is for such as these that I was sent, and I will not ignore them.

I was indeed the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and I am still He.  I am also the God of Today, and am preparing for My return.  I will surely gather into the fold all those who are Mine.  I know their names, and I know their faces.  They know My Name and they will hear My voice.  I am already calling them from afar.  Be still and listen, listen for My voice.  It will not be heard in the teaching of the Scribes, nor will it be sounded through the Pharisees.  My voice will only be heard in the stillness and the solitude.

Soon all voices will call out My name, but not all voices will know Me.  Soon all hearts will recognise Me, but not all hearts will love Me.  I surely know those who are Mine.  I loved them first.  I have loved them with an everlasting love and non of My promises shall fail.

Do not despair, I cannot lie.  My words are Truth and Light.  Wait only in hope and in faith.


It is said that an army marches on its stomach.  Feast on My Word

The battle for souls is still raging.  There will be much opposition in the coming months but the final result is already decided.  It is important that you are faithful.  Obey My commands.  They are few, and I need you to respond out of your love for Me.  I have told you to praise Me.  This is more important than you realise.  Mountains will indeed be moved as you respond to this.